Maintenance Services

In order to respond to daily maintenance needs, we have people on staff that are designated specifically for this purpose. We have developed a regular maintenance schedule for each of the properties in our portfolio. This schedule allows for a timely response to maintenance needs and preventative maintenance, while keeping flexibility in our maintenance schedule.

  1. Roof cleaning and emergency roof repair
  2.  Sidewalk and curb repair
  3.  Retaining walls (new construction and repairs)
  4.  Hot and cold pressure washing
  5.  Parking lot degreasing
  6.  Parking lot repairs and maintenance
  7.  Parking lot striping
  8.  Sign maintenance
  9.  Curb maintenance/painting
  10.  Carpet repair
  11.  Interior and exterior painting/sheetrock repair
  12.  Waterproofing
  13.  Carpentry
  14.  Electrical  maintenance and installation
  15. Interior lighting and re-lamping
  16. Parking lot lighting and maintenance
  17. Miscellaneous plumbing repairs
  18. Graffiti removal
  19. Leasehold demolition and haul-out
  20. Temporary storefronts
  21. Emergency board up (vandalism or break-in)
  22. Pre-lease cleanup of vacant spaces
  23. Millwork
  24. Hauling of debris – on an as-needed basis
  25. Field welding/fabrication
  26. HVAC inspections and minor repairs
  27. Time clock settings and repairs
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